Finance may now be available for your purchase!

ShowPro has teamed up with Flexi Group to offer finance to approved purchasers.

logo1-1Why Lease?

“If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” – Jean Paul Getty (Oil Tycoon & Billionaire)

Benefits of Leasing

  • Full tax deductions of the rentals
  • Improved cash flow and return on capital
  • Access to new technology through upgrade
  • No establishment or administration fees
  • Almost any electronic item from computers to faxes and photocopiers can be leased
  • Software, training and extended warranty can be leased, up to 50% of the total rental plan

Think of your current expenses…

  • Office or workshop rent (paid monthly): Would you pay three years in advance?
  • Employees (paid fortnightly or monthly): Would you pay three years up front?
  • Electricity and phone bills: Would you pay three years up front?

Invest in things that appreciate. Rent things that depreciate.

Many businesses are now Flexirenting their business equipment. They have realised the benefits this method of payment can provide. Leasing your business assets via FlexiGroup allows you to spread the cost of running your equipment over your choice of terms: 24, 36 or 48 months. It provides an update path so that you always have the latest and most appropriate technology for your business.

It does not make sense to pay for a computer three years up front! Why would you spend that capital in equipment that will be worth next to nothing in 3 years? If you are paying cash for your equipment, you are investing in it. What is the return after 3 years? Where else you spend your $5,000 to grow your business?

Give your business a new Lease of Life! Contact ShowPro to find out more.

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