Update on the new Bose F1 Travel Bags

Recently, Bose advised the following update on accessory availability for the Bose F1 Model 812 and F1 subwoofer.

These are now available in New Zealand!

Travel Bags – We understand that early adopters of the F1 system want to protect their investment and look to Bose for a quality protective covering solution. We initially expected F1 travel bags to be available in October 2015. However, after initial field testing we found that some improvements were required to make the travel bags right. This drove the development of additional prototypes for our review. (Side note: some of you following my church concert with the F1s a month ago probably saw some of those prototypes in-use.) I’m glad to say that the final approved bag design is of the quality we were targeting, however the development caused a delay in production and shipping. We’re not happy about communicating such a late date, but please know that we always opt for quality on the behalf of our customers. We apologize for the delay and are doing everything we can at this time to improve the availability situation. We will report again if these dates change:

– Bose F1 Model 812 Travel Bag: Available now.
– Bose F1 Subwoofer Travel Bag: Available now.

Travel Bag cost: NZ$249 (NZ Retail, each)

Mounting Hardware – Mounting hardware is available and can be arranged through authorised Bose Professional dealer channels :

– Pan-and-Tilt Bracket (PC 738453-0110): Available today
– Yoke Mounting Kit (PC 736451-0110): Available starting week of 11/30/15
– U-Bracket Mounting Kit (PC 736453-0110): Available starting week of 11/30/15

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